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Portum Private Wealth provides private investors, families, charities and not-for-profits with high-level investment advice and services. We deliver solutions based on decades of experience in the finance, investment banking and wealth management industries, always backed up and informed by the latest thinking and research. We aim to cut through the noise and salesmanship so prevalent in the wealth management industry, and so provide our clients with smart solutions and the peace of mind that comes from the simplicity of truth.

Unlike so many of our competitors, we do not insist on treating our clients as “wholesale and sophisticated” investors to avoid the extra legal, educational and compliance obligations which private investors should expect. With Portum Private Wealth, you will get the full explanations, disclosures, reporting and legal protections you should - and for charities and not-for-profits, to help you discharge your duties to current and future stakeholders.

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Areas of expertise

Strategic advice

Before starting the process of wealth management, it is vital to understand your goals, the constraints you face and the range of options available to you. We aim to provide you with strategic advice to ensure you optimally utilise your financial resources to achieve your goals. Based on rigourous analysis, this advice takes into account your structures, current and future cash flows and specific constraints and opportunities unique to you.

risk analysis

All investors, families and institutions face a wide range of risks, which need to be managed as part of everyday life. Financial assets need to be managed with an eye to these risks - be they financial, legal, regulatory, reputation, operational, familial or something else. Such risks and how to manage them can only be understood by experienced practitioners, and then only with thorough research and analysis. We include our risk analysis service as a vital part of our advice to you.

investment governance

Research and experience shows that good investment governance practices support good investment outcomes. Investment governance requirements differ from clients to client, depending on the type of investor you are and the number of nature of your stakeholders. We provide advice in establishing investment policies, sound practices, regular reporting and stakeholder engagement. Sound investment governance is vital.

private client services

Private investors, families, charities and other not-for-profit entities require access to a range of investment products and services to manage their financial resources. We provide access to a wide range of investments, services and specialists necessary for the non-institutional investor to implement our advice and manage their financial resources effectively. For individuals this includes financial planning and superannuation advice and services.

portfolio management

The key to preserving and sensibly growing your investment capital is sound portfolio construction and management. At the heart of this activity is asset allocation and investment selection, driven by your risk appetite and income and capital needs over different investment horizons. We will construct and manage your portfolio in line with your overall strategy and investment governance structures, meeting with you and reporting as required.

philanthropic services

Many of our clients have been successful, and have a strong philanthropic motive. We provide strategic advice on tax-effective philanthropy, facilitate introductions of donors to potential gift-recipients and facilitate the establishment of private foundations and charities.


Let your acquaintances be many,
but your advisers one in a thousand.
— Ecclesiasticus 6:5-17


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